Mangroves Safari

An exquisite boat ride through the Mangroves of Bentota lake

Cultural Sites

The famous 'Kande Viharaya Temple', and the Lunuganga estate are within easy reach

Birds Watching

Your very own bird safari is brought to your door step at Villa 70C

Market and Shopping

The colorful street market of Dharga town is only a ten minute walk from the property

Leisure Activities

A wide variety of water sports are available
ie. Jet Skiing, Boat Riding , Surfing etc...


The famous "Brief Gardens" designed by the renowned architect Bevis Bawa


A chance to dabble in the native life of Sri Lanka, don't forget to bring along your fishing rod

Sea Turtle Farms

Sea turtle farms off the coast of Bentota are a sight to see

Fish Spa

If you're looking for a toe tingling, relaxing experience then fish therapy is the thing for you

Open Deck

Situated on the river front with a birds eye view to capture the wonders of nature

Outdoor Camping Area